Cool breeze

It’s rainy season here in Aceh, Indonesia.

Feeling the cool breeze, it reminds me of  early fall in my hometown.

Fall is the season which i like the best.

What i miss in far away from hometown is feeling seasons.

Of course here has seasons also, rainy season and dry season.

But for me, it feels like  summer all year round.

And I feel like …how to say? the time is not going or stopping?whatever,something like that.

Passing spring, summer, fall and winter….

I’m missing to feel that.












Photo; a small girl in my activity for preschool children.


About Tayuko Jaelani

I am a small girl from somewhere in Asia,maybe you would know where i from if you see this page:) I've been in abroad after I graduated college, willing to see this world with my own eyes. I got started this blog to output what i see and what i feel, also to put my photos. Photography is one of my hobby. ohh, ya I would be glad if you pointed out my mistakes of language. I'm still an English leaner, also Indonesian. peace, Tayu


  1. Baaaaaaaby! Aww she’s so cute!
    I have never lived in a place that didn’t have some sort of seasonal change the way I’m used to. I would probably like the feeling of summer all year long for a while but would miss Fall too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Daisuke

    季節で時の流れを感じる…かぁ♪( ´▽`)なるほど。日本にいたら当たり前すぎて、全然意識しなかった!

    • やんなあ~!でもさっ年末とか、あ~冷え込むわもう年の瀬やなあ~。って思ったり、マフラーをその年、最初巻く時に秋の終わりなんか冬の初めなんか迷うこととか、そーゆーのいいよね:)

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