Because of rain…

I love rainy day…

What do you wanna do on rainy day?

I love to take a nap, love to make a cup of Chai and love to make something.

Saya suka hari hujan…

Kamu mau buat apa waktu hujan?

Saya suka tidur siang, bikin segelas Chai, juga bikin sesuatu.




I made…how to say in English?nhh It’s kinda wax paper.

Saya bikin semacam ‘wax paper’.


then make a hole, put a colorful thread.

lalu bikin lobang, kasih benang warna warni.


It’s all done!

Sudah selesai!


The stamps in bottom are original logo of our community cafe.

We open the community cafe once a month.

Last month there was a public discussion about conservation sea turtles in the cafe.

Stempernya di bawah itu logo di community cafe kami.

kami buka community cafe sebulan sekali.

kalau bulan kemarin ada diskusi umum tentang konservasi penyu di kafe kita.



see u♥




About Tayuko Jaelani

I am a small girl from somewhere in Asia,maybe you would know where i from if you see this page:) I've been in abroad after I graduated college, willing to see this world with my own eyes. I got started this blog to output what i see and what i feel, also to put my photos. Photography is one of my hobby. ohh, ya I would be glad if you pointed out my mistakes of language. I'm still an English leaner, also Indonesian. peace, Tayu


  1. beautiful images and a great entry!

  2. Nice! You must be very creative.

  3. spurandprod

    I like the tone and colors in these shots.

  4. Beautiful images… Nice to meet you, Thank you, with my love, nia

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