I’m a big brother now!


A boy in my children activity got a younger brother lately!

So i visited his house to see new baby and to greet them.

I wonder why every babies make us happy even they do nothing, just sleeping.

That’s a magic which adults forgot.





 Salah satu anak laki-laki di aktivitas(les) saya, baru dapat adik laki-laki.

Jadi saya mengunjungi rumahnya dia untuk salam mereka juga melihat bayi nya.

Saya heran kenapa semua bayi bisa membuat kita senang walau mereka tidak lakukan apa-apa, cuman tidur.

itu sihir mereka ya.

Welcome to the new world, little baby♥

Wishing them and their family a healthy and happy life together!



 Selamat datang di dunia baru, sayang♥

Semoga mereka dan sekeluarga selalu sehat dan bahagia bersama-sama!


About Tayuko Jaelani

I am a small girl from somewhere in Asia,maybe you would know where i from if you see this page:) I've been in abroad after I graduated college, willing to see this world with my own eyes. I got started this blog to output what i see and what i feel, also to put my photos. Photography is one of my hobby. ohh, ya I would be glad if you pointed out my mistakes of language. I'm still an English leaner, also Indonesian. peace, Tayu

One comment

  1. Congratulation, my best wishes for you and for your family, with my love, nia

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