voice of a cat

Hey human being

I am a cat who loves freedom

I am not a sea-turtle who could be a symbol of peace

I am not a panda who could be a logo of WWF

I am just a cat who has muddy dirty foot

If I were a sea-turtle, would you forgive me for stepping on floor with my wild foot ?

If I were a panda, would forgive me for letting my fur falling down ?

I am only a cat named Lovsky

Hey human being

You are a creation of God

I am a creation of God too

If we, cats are nearly vanished from the world, would you care of us ?

Till the time comes, I piss anywhere as a symbol of freedom!

Wahai manusia

Aku seekor kucing yang mencintai kebebasan

Aku bukan penyu yang bisa jadi simbolis damai

Aku bukan panda yang bisa jadi logo WWF

Aku hanya seekor kucing yang berlumpur di kaki

Jika aku jadi penyu, akankah aku dimaafkan karena menginjak-injak lantai dengan kakiku yang liar?

Jika aku jadi panda, akankah aku dimaafkan karena buluku yang rontok ?

Aku satu-satunya kucing yang bernama Lovsky

Wahai manusia

Kau ciptaan tuhan

Aku pula ciptaan tuhan

Jika kami kucing yang mau punah dari dunia, akankah kalian peduli kami ?

Sampai saat itu aku kencing sembarangan sebagai tanda merdeka!


About Tayuko Jaelani

I am a small girl from somewhere in Asia,maybe you would know where i from if you see this page:) I've been in abroad after I graduated college, willing to see this world with my own eyes. I got started this blog to output what i see and what i feel, also to put my photos. Photography is one of my hobby. ohh, ya I would be glad if you pointed out my mistakes of language. I'm still an English leaner, also Indonesian. peace, Tayu

One comment

  1. Hi! Just letting you know that I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” – http://screwiness-o-rama.com/2012/11/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award/ – congratulations! ;-)

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