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who defines what is educated and uneducated?

what is education in the first place?

who defines what is developed and undeveloped?

indeed where everything’s heading for?

heading for the central of the circle, or be attracted to the central of the circle because believing it’s better place.

who said ? I suspect those common standards !

go to the edge of the circle, and then to the outside of the circle.

siapa memberi defenisi apa yang berpendidikan dan apa yang tak berpendidikan.

memang pertama-tama, apakah pendidikan itu ?

siapa memberi defenisi apa yang berkembang dan apa yang belum berkembang?

memang semua menuju ke mana?

menuju ke pusat lingkaran, atau ditarik ke pusat lingkaran karena percaya lebih baik di situ.

siapa bilang ? saya sudah curiga begitu standar umum !!

menuju ke tepi lingkaran, dan ke luar lingkaran.






誰が言ったの? そんな“いわゆる”な、スタンダードな基準、疑ってやる



About Tayuko Jaelani

I am a small girl from somewhere in Asia,maybe you would know where i from if you see this page:) I've been in abroad after I graduated college, willing to see this world with my own eyes. I got started this blog to output what i see and what i feel, also to put my photos. Photography is one of my hobby. ohh, ya I would be glad if you pointed out my mistakes of language. I'm still an English leaner, also Indonesian. peace, Tayu

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