About me

“It’s a shame the people see only the differences that separate them. If you were to look with more love, you would mainly see what we have in common. Then half of the world’s problem would be solved.”

-The Catholic and the Muslim; by Paulo Coelho

I wanna go beyond the lines which separate us, ,,,accepting what you are, be accepted what i am.

I love to know what i don’t know yet, i love to visit new place also coming back to place i love.

I wish we could share something through this blog :)





  1. This is a great touches… The differences can only make us rich as St.Exupéry says… I am glad to meet with you, dear Tayu, Thank you. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. abdul

    it is great idea and hobbies, deference. if we glance at the earlier creature of human we see God create people in to many deference type deference color and deference tribe, we are deference in the word and it is case of human development, anyways tayuko jaelani has great idea

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